Month: December 2020

Christmas Delivery

US Based Manufacturing Company Brings Warmth to Those in Need in Hermosillo by Donating Blankets 

On December 21, BF&S Manufacturing donated 170 blankets to the State Capital of Hermosillo, Sonora (Mexico) to aid those in need during this cold winter season. 

CEO Carlos Fernandez spent over a year developing the concept for Blankets for Borders – a fly in event that would bring together pilots from all over in order to donate blankets for those in need. The event would require participants to donate a blanket or coat and, in return, they would receive a free pancake breakfast at their destination. It was a way to marry his love of aviation with philanthropy. The pandemic had the unfortunate impact of canceling this event, but the need was still there. 

“I made a promise and didn’t want COVID to get in the way of that promise.” – Carlos Fernandez

Fernandez knows and understands how great the need is in these communities. BF&S Manufacturing has operations in Agua Prieta, and Cumpas, Mexico. His company employs over 500 high-skilled employees and he travels often between the United States and Mexico. He has witnessed, firsthand, the devastation of the pandemic. For those in need, the cold is painful; but for those living on the streets, it can be deadly. 

“It gets incredibly cold in Hermosillo and these freezing temperatures can be very dangerous for those who are homeless or living in poverty. This is a very real need during this time.” – Carlos Fernandez

Fernandez is keeping his promise during these challenging times by donating 170 blankets to those in need. BF&S Manufacturing specializes in medical and aerospace manufacturing and is committed to making the communities in which they operate a better place to work and live.  The SEDESON (Secretario de Desarrollo Social del Estado de Sonora) will be responsible for distributing the blankets to ensure they go to individuals and families who are struggling.

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