Machine Shops in Mexico

Machine Shops in Mexico - CNC Milling MachineA manufacturing machine shop is defined as a “room, building, or company where machining, a form of subtractive manufacturing is done.” One of the functions of a machine shop includes performing CNC machining, adding to the precision and quality of the overall manufacturing process.

If your company is looking for a global partner in Mexico to meet your manufacturing needs, it is essential to remember that not all machine shops in Mexico are the same. How can you ensure that your search yields positive results? Let’s take a brief look at the services that machine shops in Mexico provide and how you can find the best facility to meet your needs.

What Is Subtractive Manufacturing?

The process of subtractive fabrication in the manufacturing industry involves cutting away from a solid block of material such as metal, plastic, or wood. For example, a milling machine cutting away or hollowing out a block of metal or plastic falls under the heading of subtractive manufacturing. Like other forms of subtracting manufacturing, milling is often part of the automated manufacturing process.

What Is CNC Machining?

Anyone familiar with the manufacturing industry has heard the term “CNC manufacturing“. CNC stands for computer numerical control. CNC manufacturing services focus on the subtractive manufacturing method instead of the additive manufacturing process (3D printing).

Modern CNC machines are fully automated. They use CAD and CAM software data files to determine the cutting trajectory, tooling parameters, and fabrication of various products.

CNC machining does not refer to all of the automated processes that exist in manufacturing. The services performed under the CNC machining process include milling, grinding, drilling, turning, routing, etc.

What Are the Benefits of CNC Machining?

CNC MachiningMachine shops in Mexico rely on CNC machining for several reasons. One of the many reasons is because the process is more precise than manual machining. Since that precision is carried through the creation of each part, manufacturers experience an increase in production speed and efficiency.

Another reason that machine shops in Mexico depend on the CNC machining service is that CNC machining helps manufacturers reduce loaded labor rates, including issues related to employee safety. By using CNC machining in a machine shop in Mexico, manufacturing companies experience the benefits of a reduction in operating costs while turning products faster.

How to Find the Best Machine Shop

Mexico is home to a wide range of machine shops, but not all machine shops in Mexico are known for producing high-quality products that customers expect. When you begin your search for a machine shop in Mexico, you should start with the machine shop’s certifications.

ISO Certification

AS-9100D Certified Machine ShopA key to any successful global manufacturing partnership is tied directly to their level of certification. A manufacturing company should never partner with a company that doesn’t hold a certificate from the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), which is responsible for monitoring the quality of products produced in the manufacturing industry.

The BF&S Difference

BF&S Manufacturing holds an AS-9100D accreditation through the ISO. This certification means that BF&S is required to maintain the highest quality standards in both the materials they use and in the assembly of the finished product. Their reputation as a leader in CNC machining and other manufacturing practices has qualified them to work on projects for Aerospace. Their facilities in Mexico are uniquely capable of offering both support to companies that want to outsource their business or to those organizations that wish to delegate the creation of specific components.

If you want to lower your loaded labor rates, while increasing production, BF&S Manufacturing has a solution for you. Call or e-mail us today to discover the BF&S Manufacturing difference for yourself.

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