Month: October 2022

Aerospace Manufacturing

aerospace manufacturing

An aerospace manufacturer is a company or individual involved in manufacturing, designing, building, testing, selling, and maintaining aircraft, aerospace components, missiles, rockets, spacecraft, or commercial aircraft.

Aerospace is a high-technology industry requiring a trusted partner and reliable supply chain connection in contract manufacturing.

Aerospace Industry Needs

The next generation of aerospace manufacturing requires connections with a variety of diverse suppliers. The biggest names in the aerospace industry, including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, understand the need for a dependable, streamlined process of many industries working together to produce the ideal product.

airplane maintenance

To become part of the aerospace industry, companies must attain several aerospace-specific certifications that attest to stringent quality management and direct supervision at every level of the manufacturing process.

It is the job of manufacturing companies to provide the systems and processes necessary to complete a variety of jobs to the standards of the aerospace industry.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

aircraft CAD

Metal additive manufacturing is a process that uses fine metal powders to create strong, complex components that are designed either by using a computer-aided design (CAD) program or by taking a 3D scan of the object.

The potential benefits of metal additive manufacturing in aerospace applications include:

  • significant cost and lead-time reductions
  • novel materials and unique design solutions
  • mass reduction of components through highly efficient and lightweight designs
  • consolidation of multiple components for performance enhancement

Manufacturing for Aerospace Industries

Finding trusted manufacturing can often prove challenging for aerospace industries. Aircraft parts are extraordinarily complex and need to be structurally sound and meet almost any industry’s highest quality assurance standards.

To reduce costs and overcome traditional manufacturing challenges, many aerospace companies are turning from conventional manufacturing processes to additive manufacturing to efficiently produce the complex parts they need. 

BF&S Contract Manufacturing for Aerospace Companies

BF&S delivers on unparalleled attention to detail and delivery from concept to completion. With BF&S’ full shelter services, clients have full control of their quality and production. Clients benefit from the experience of the BF&S staff, as well as their knowledge of the local market; eliminating the need to make sizable investments in physical and human assets.

BF&S customers can initiate operations quickly without establishing a legal presence in Mexico. BF&S “shelters” our customers from many risks and liabilities.

BF&S performs these tasks and functions that are not core to the manufacturing process, allowing our clients to focus on those areas that affect their profitability and growth.

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