American-Based Near Shore Manufacturing Company Donates Life-Saving Medical Supplies to a Hospital in Moctezuma, Sonora

On October 30, 2020, American-Based Aerospace and Medical near-shore manufacturer BF&S Manufacturing (MEFASA), donated life-saving medical supplies to Hospital Comunitario Moctezuma. The Moctezuma municipality welcomed this donation by hosting an event at the University de la Sierra in order to thank CEO Carlos Fernandez for his company’s generous donation. The Mayor of Moctezuma, Adriana Sepulveda Rodriguez, was in attendance and publicly thanked Fernandez. 

“MEFASA is part of the community and we are always interested in supporting not just the people of MEFASA, but people of all of the municipalities, to make them better, and to help everyone have a better life.” – Carlos Fernandez, CEO BF&S Manufacturing.

Moctezuma is 20 miles south of BF&S’ (MEFASA) manufacturing operation in Cumpas, and it is where the COVID-response hospital for the region is located. Fernandez worked with doctors in order to understand how best to help this hospital care for those suffering from COVID-19. This donation included a blood monitor that is used with the respirator in order to monitor the patient. This expensive piece of equipment is a critical, life-saving element in the battle against COVID.

“Thank you and God bless all of you! This is a great help to our community and you are welcome any time!”  – Adriana Sepulveda Rodriguez, Mayor of Moctezuma.

In addition to providing this needed equipment, Fernandez invited Dr. Juan Manuel Romero Trejo from Hospital Comunitario Moctezuma in order to ensure proper safety protocols were being met in order to keep all of his employees safe. Dr. Trejo was incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and assured Fernandez they were indeed protecting their employees. 

“I am at peace because the company, the owners of the company are indeed worried about the safety of their employees” – Dr. Juan Manuel Romero Trejo

BF&S Manufacturing has been a part of the Cumpas and Moctezuma community for decades. They currently employ 500 skilled laborers and have corporate offices and a warehouse located in Arizona (USA); manufacturing operations are in Agua Prieta, Sonora (Mexico) and Cumpas, Sonora (Mexico). They are dedicated to the communities in which they work and make a commitment to these communities to care for their employees, and improve the lives of everyone.

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