Stator Assembly

The stator assembly is a stationary coil in an AC motor. These types of assemblies include a stator core and a coil, which is wound and inserted in the stator core with ends connected to lead wires.

Stator Core

Stator Core Assembly - Electric Motor

A stator core is used in things like hydroelectric power but is also used in more everyday items for customers, like a motorcycle or washing machine. The outer diameter of a stator core will depend on the size of the system or generator. Stacked laminations reduce eddy current (a localized electric current induced in a conductor by a varying magnetic field) by insulating the core. Thin silicon steel plates are stacked on top of one another around the center, preventing eddy current flow. With the eddy current reduced, the stator core can maintain constant power, keeping your motor running.

Stator Core Assembly

A major component of the stator core assembly is the core itself, providing support for the windings to generate power through magnetism. The stator core is comprised of thin silicon steel laminations and insulated by a surface coating minimizing eddy current and hysteresis losses generated by alternating magnetism. The laminations manufacturers create quality rings or segments, in accurate alignment in the rotary system.

Either in a fixture or in the stator frame, having ventilation spacer components inserted periodically along the stator core assembly rotor is necessary for proper controls. The completed core device is compressed in some form and core end heating from stray magnetism is minimized, especially on larger machines, by using non-magnetic materials at the core end of the generators or by installing a flux shield of either tapered laminations or copper shielding. If an error occurred in the past utilizing a non-insulated generator, ensuring heat reduction on the rotor helps to keep the stock or stator core in quality working order.

Stator Slots

Stator Slots of an Induction Motor

Stator of an induction motor consists of stator core and stator slots. Stator core assembly slots: in general two types of stator slots are employed in an electric motor, open slots and semi-closed slots, to keep the stator winding. Operating performance of the coil in induction motors depends upon the shape of the slots and hence it is important to select suitable component slots for the stators.

In open slots, the slot opening will be equal to that of the width of the slots. In such a type of slot, stator core assembly and repair of stator winding is easy. Such slots will lead to a higher air gap, allowing larger components into the grooves. However, the hope is that this would be noted upon install and by following the manufacturer’s instructions, won’t cause an issue at a later date.

In semi-closed slots, the stator core assembly slot opening is much smaller than the width of the slot. In this type of slots assembly of windings is more difficult and takes more time to be installed compared to open slots and has a result has the ability to be costlier. However, the air gap commutator is better compared to open-type slots.

Electric Motor Stator

The stator assembly is an immobile part of the electric motor, which includes several windings. Once an alternating electromagnet current is applied to it, its polarity will be changing all the time, depending on further details that develop with contact.

When the power supply is given to the stator assembly, creating motion, an AC (alternating current) flows through the stator windings to create an electromagnetic field across the bars of the rotor. The alternating current (AC) makes the magnetic field rotate. This includes thin and stacked laminations, wounded by an insulated wire. The core in the stator includes a number of these laminations.

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